Tamiya's Werhmacht Panzer Crewman

Hello everyone,
I’ve been saying for a long time that the new Tamiya figures are very good, the best there is in plastic by far…
But words have to be justified with facts to prove it.
This one is from the Tamiya “Wehrmacht Tank Crew Set”, I have spent an afternoon improving it even more, the changes have been:

  • To hollow out the sleeve and reposition the raised cuff on the left arm.
  • Lower the belt and put a new one with tin foil and an Aber PE buckle.
  • Replace the Iron Cross and Panzerkampfabzeichen of the armour handle with those of the Aber FG.
  • The strap of the binoculars is also made of tin foil.
    It may look like a lot of work, but it didn’t take more than 2-3 hours.
    From the pictures, I have to go over some burrs but not much more and it’s ready to be primed.
    And yes, the face looks outstanding.
    I hope you like it.


Very nice work Joaquin. I agree that Tamiya has really upped their game when it comes to their figures. I built one from the US Scout set.
You’ve done a great job of detailing a very nice figure. What paints are you going to use?

Again very nice work!



The raised left epaulette is a nice realistic touch as well.


Yes and a very natural, realistic pose.


The hollowed cuffs really raise the quality level - great work all round :clap:


Great alterations, Joaquin, and yes, these figures look pretty dang good for styrene.


Rich; Thanks for your comments, for the hatch of a German AFV it is perfect, I paint with acrylics with Vallejo and AK 3Gen.

Johnnych01, Sometimes more than changing a lot of things on the figure, a few simple changes in key aspects, is enough. Thank you.

jpwaller, Exactly, that’s what 4-5 changes is all about, in the end it’s a couple of hours of work and it changes exponentially. Thanks.

PolishBrigade12; As of today, those Tamiya figures are the best in styrene by far. Best Regards and thanks for commenting.

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Hello to all,

The figure is printed and ready to paint.

I changed the binoculars strap for another one made of Tamiya masking tape to make it thinner.
The Vallejo primer is applied with airbrush, I started with Black and then with White and from a zenithal position I applied some lights to be able to appreciate the volumes of the figure, and then paint more easily.

I really like the result, I hope you do too.


Hello to all,

At last I have had some time to paint, I have started as usual with the flesh tones, I have used Golden artistic acrylics, knowing how to mix the colours, they come out in very nice and unique tones.

Now it’s time for the uniform.

Best Regards and sorry for the delay in posting progress.


Very nice. Your skills make it look like a 1:16 figure that is also built and painted well.


Those skin tones are super as is the hair colour… Amazing detail for 1/35 …


Excellent job so far! You’ve gotten through the hardest part of figure painting Joaquin. The rest should be easier.

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