Tank models at Tank Museum

Interesting Youtube video on models displayed and in storage at the Tank Museum.


Who takes the challenge and replicates the zigzag pattern shown from the 7 minute mark?


I don’t build WWI so I’ll not be the one.

Would look good on @iwatajim shelf next to the Berlin camo tanks, jest saying.

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Near the end he mentions the plastic models that they once had were turning to goo and that was one of the reasons they do not collect many plastic models. Interesting. I wish I knew more about what kits they were.

Ha! That’s almost exactly what I see when a migraine is coming. I need to go and lie down in a a darkened room just thinking about attempting that one!


This video is interesting as well.

Funny to me to see Rimmer talking about models! :laughing:


Interesting video.

So what’s this plastic models turning into goo? How long does that take?

Under what storage conditions?

Thanks for the Link! I really enjoyed the Video!

He may have been referring to the rubber band tracks and wheels that can spontaneously gooify.