(Tank Related) LST Brochure: Patton Museum. ~ Ft. Knox:

A flyer I created in 2003 for a Patton Museum LST “Open-House” Event many years ago:
Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

The tanks stored in this building may be of some interest.

Original LST artwork created by Mr. Henry (Hank) Chapman.
Then art director for the University of Kentucky Public Information Office.


The Patton Museum is gone (purely political). There is an LST in Evansville Indiana (about 2.5 hours west of Knox). Probably the same LST.

There is still the George S. Patton Museum of Leadership and Command at Ft. Knox.

Parts of the original Museum Building still contain many of his personal items on display; his cameras, revolvers, uniforms, his Olyimpic fencing outfit and foil.
Also his Command truck, Ft.Knox customized Jeep and the Limo he had his fatal accident in.
His family would not allow his personal items to be taken out of State and locked away unseen at Benning.

This two page flyer refers to the LST BUILDING still standing on the Ft. Knox base and not to LSTs per se.

As the flyer indicates, this building was constructed to represent the interior well deck of the, at the time, yet to be built LST transports. This experimental building was intended to perfect the ventalation systems required to keep 23 running Shermans and their crews alive and breathing durning the run up to a beach landings.

It was deamed a more efficent use of resources to build a cheap rickety wood building at Knox (were the tanks already were) in the shape of the LST than it would have been to transport 22 Shermans and Crewmen to a Navy shipyard somwhere.

The floating LST 325 Museum does exist and yes, it is based, year round, out of Evansville, Indiana. This vessel makes annual summer cruises to various river cities for military history related events.

The original LST artwork shown here as drawn by Mr. Chapman was actually done as part of the LST 687 crew’s 1995 reunion. (Copyright Hank Chapman)

The LST 325 Museum in Evansville, Indiana ~ Highly Recommended!

The Museum also has a fully restored and operational Higgins Boat that is stowed abroad and travels with the 325 on tours.

The LST as seen on it’s 2003 Summer cruise in Jeffersonville, Indiana. (Louisville, KY)

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