Tank Wheels With Rubber Melted Off

I discovered that since Rye Field -34/85 tanks have the tires separate from the rims, I can depict “empty” rims where the rubber has melted off a burned tank. But what would the surfaces of the rims look like with the rubber gone? Shiny? Rusty?

Rusty from the heat. I javen’t seen their wheels, but they should have raised bands going around the circumference to prevent lateral shifting of the tire off the wheel.

There’s a good example of what I mean two photos down.
The AK wheels, at least the dished ones, have these raised bands.

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Usually the rubber will leave ash behind when it burns off

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Pretty sure I’ve seen burnt out T34 wheels somewhere in the after market.

Google search for 1/35 burned T-34 wheels

What is the function of tracks rubber pads on modern tanks ?

Protects hard surfaces (asphalt roads)
Provides better grip on hard surfaces. Steel on cold asphalt is slippery.


For noise and vibration reduction, plus minimising damage to road surfaces.


Panzer Art offers “Burned Out” road wheels for several vehicles, in clouding the T-34.

Another thing to consider is that when a vehicle is destroyed by fire, the suspension will drop out, making the wreckage sit much lower to the ground.



Really depends on how long that burned out tank has been sitting around. Fresh exposed steel in higher humidity will start to rust fairly quickly especially if it’s a lower quality steel with more iron in it. I can say that when I was learning to stick weld back in the 90’s when I was an apprentice in a related trade, my samples would show light surface rust with in a week. It scrubbed off quickly and was very light and spotty. So those freshly cooked wheels will probably show some signs within a week or so, wouldn’t be real shiny though like a metal rim though like you might see on a German armor from that time. They’d be a bit more sooty from the burned rubber and paint etc


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If doing a burned tank, the heat also cooks the paint that is not burned off. The paint will change color based on the amount od cooking. Make sure you can find a good reference photo for color choice.

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I think you would also get a blistered paint surface, “orange-peel” - the kind of surface you get from incorrect air-brushing, and try to avoid!
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