Tank workshop to do 1/35 MBT 70 US German prototype tank

This, coupled with the Versuchsträger 1 from Takom, will fill out some gaps in 70s tank development!


Will this be in styrene or resin? Man I sure do want one… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That one obviously depicts the US variant and it looks different to the Dragon model. I would like to have it in styrene, but have no clue what it will be. I see on Facebook that Resinscales will make two variants, the German and the US as a printed kit. Good news all :slight_smile:

Well, this looks the business - even if in resin; however, I may just have to soldier on with the 2 x Commander models in my stash(!)

It will be interesting to learn of the price.

Yeah, I just spotted that too.
But Tank Workshop - are they alive again? Their website is (still) gone. And Scalemates says their last release was in 2017. They did everything in resin.
Last I heard about them was two years ago on the old Armorama site:

The owner was closing the company and looking to sell it.
Maybe he did…