Tankograd: New Titles in March | Armorama™

From Tankograd Publishing, four new titles coming your way this March.

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Will be looking out for the Fulda and BAOR SLTA ones …

Wow! I mean what’s not to like? the Fulda Gap one alone: MASSTER, M1 in an amazing colour-scheme (might be time to dig out my started Panda model).

I might as well place a standing order with my bank to Tankograd - they really do produce some good stuff for Cold War modellers.

My only hope it, that some day, they’ll scour the former East German archives and we’ll have comparable coverage of those huge Warsaw Pact exercises.

In the meantime, where did I put my credit card?

Not sure which is groaning louder - my wallet or my bookshelf!

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Just heard that Germany will also send Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine…


Been there, done that. :grin: