Tankraft A34 Comet Tracks | Armorama™

Tankraft has a new set of 3D printed tracks for Tamiya A34 Comet British cruiser tank.

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Cool. Is this being released before the Tamiya kit is being released?

The tracks look fantastic! Very happy to see these offered for the Tamiya A34 Comet. Definitely on the want list!

No… Tamiya Comet is widely available now

…and Scale Hobbiest has the Tamiya Comet for just under $41 US…

I’m have their T-34 tracks. I like them a lot and super easy to build and fast shipping. Going to order some of their T-40/60/70 tracks next week.

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I’m very interested in the KV tracks, I hope they have a distributor in Europe.

They don’t have a distributor in the US, looks like direct sales but willing to have a distributor and they ship worldwide.