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1/16 scale modern figure and 1/35 scale cats

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I like the figure, but do not recognise the uniform, can anyone help me out there? British trousers don’t have the pocket to the front like these.

I believe it is ‘Captain Price’ from the ‘Call of Duty’ game series- the trousers may be an item from the game and not a real issued item.

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Yes, it is indeed a representation of “Captain Price” from “Call of Duty” (COD)…the British flag patch gave it away and it took me a while to figure out who the figure represents.

Price is the leading protagonist in the COD series and the leader of the team compromising of US and NATO special forces. He is British SAS.

I may be game for this figure (no pun intended :grinning:). While it’s not heavily geared towards combat (no kneepads and belt pouches), it is unique, modern, and original and 1/16 scale…and I don’t have any modern UK SAS figures.

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Thanks all, I’ll ad lib a camo pattern then.

Captain Price - Task Force 141. The figure has a closer semblance to the Captain Price from the remastered version of COD - Modern Warfare.

There’s also a 1/16 figure of Simon “Ghost” Riley out there as well…

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sorry, just staying with the theme.

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