Technical Pickups

This was from a previous diorama that I had dis-mantled. I decided to just make it as a stand-alone model. I re-did the pickup and figures to improve the look of it. I am not a figure building expert but the look of them, looks much better than my previous ones. I am getting there slowly but say with confidence, I am improving…at least, that’s what I keep saying to myself.


Figures are really my place of doom… the uniform and load equipment isnt the issue, its the faces and expressions and tones. I wish I was able to get even near to how yours look here @tiking. I think its true that like you say, with each time you do one, it improves a little more … I think I am going to have to get a few figures out and just practice practice and then a bit more … Yours here and the Technical look great.


Looks great, like Johnny, I have a similar issue with figures.

Who’s kit is that, Meng? I have a few of their trucks with some Def Model parts to build one day.

One thing jumps out to me and not sure why, why is the driver holding the gun like that?

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I agree. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I used this figure, which is actually a driver figure, but positioned him, to be getting outta the pickup, holding his gun. The downside was the awkwardness of his left hand, which was meant to be steering the wheel. :wink:

The pickup is from MENG.

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Yep! Agreed.