Telford IPMS Model World 2023

Hi all,
Here’s some photos from Modelworld this weekend. It’s by no means representative of what was there, there were an awful lot of aircraft, but I’ve focussed on armour except for some absolutely stunning ship building that took my eye. There’s lots from the Competition section too. You may recognise some. Hopefully a bit for everybody…


Nice selection of pics there! I particularly like the Lanc and the Upkeep mine - that looks to be very well done.

Thanks for posting.

that’s some amazing work displayed at that show, thank you for posting your pictures here.

Very nice work on display, reminds me why I enjoy building models, the nautical venue was quite impressive, I especially like the Lancaster “Dam Buster”.

Cajun :crocodile:

Wow- some impressively large entries there but also glad to see a very high standard of entries in general- looks like it was a great show. Thanks for posting the pics.

Thanks for posting those…look like some cracking builds there… Some of the ship ones were pretty cool, but that Lanc dropping the bomb… Spectacular!!

That’s a bucket list trip for me along with an AMPS national convention…

Wow, some fine work on display there. If I get lucky and win a lottery soon then I will visit this and many other European events. Thanks for sharing.

Some excellent work there. Looks like it was a great show.

Thoroughly enjoyed that. Thank you for sharing!

—mike :star_struck:

No problem folks, glad you liked them. Yes, the Upkeep bomb Lancaster was one of my favourites too, complete with the photo it was based on. I bet the rear gunner’s underpants were an interesting shade afterwards! Amongst my favourites were the well crammed Kettenkrad in 1/16th and the couple in the Morgan, I couldn’t resist them. The large scale ships near the end, not my normal thing, but they were all SCRATCH-BUILT, including the sectioned one with interior and the Mulberry harbour section!

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