Tenax 7 r question

Is tenex 7r part of someone’s product line just a new name?

I think that they are log gone. Thought I stumbled across something o the web about it. I did find Styrene Tack-It II" that claims it’s the same stuff. Check out JM Hobby Supply. It may just be repackaged MEK. :wave:

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Tenax 7R has been gone for 15 years now and was just rebottled MEK.

It evaporates on the applicator brush before you can apply it! :pouting_cat: :frowning_face:
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Shhhh :shushing_face: Don’t’ tell my last half a bottle. :wave:

I remember that stuff. I think it’s the same as Plastruct Plastic Weld.

Tamiya Extra Thin-green bottle for me.

I still have about a half bottle of Tenax here as well, one of the good bottle with the rubber seal around it. Been years since I have used it, and frankly surprised there is still anything in it. (still has a price tag of $4.50 Canadian on it!)

I find the new Tamiya Extra Thin Quick Set (light green cover), works just as well, and has a nice brush applicator.

Yup…Tamiya Extra Thin works for me! :+1:
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I don’t use Tamiya Extra Thin anymore, airbrush cleaner is the glue for me. Works the same and cheaper per bottle.


Thank’ for the comeback,and the hobby shop link.my heyday for modeling was early to late 90’s.I first was using MEK then a partner introduced me to Tenax.they weren’t the same.and I was sold on Tenax for my everything.lat’ly I’ve been using Deluxe-plastic magic,which is not bad at all.I’ve also 2 bottles of the tack it 2,and I will start using them shortly,and both were cheaper than tamiya,perhaps paying more for the name,doesn’t make sense too me,but different strokes , well.but any way I’d appreciate your reply,thanks

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You just had to be quick using it.

No,it isn’t.

Tank,is this a new old school trick like using lighter fluid in testor’s enamel flat’s to get a deep flat really flat finish.and don’t laugh but the tips in Militery Modeler,taught me to use sparingly amount’s of talc to my paint to create texture in uniforms,believe me or not it worked.

I don’t know but it was new to me till about a year or so ago.

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There was a product safety sheet floating around that listed TENAX 7R as being 98 to 100% methylene chloride.

Obama felt like it was too hazardous and the EPA banned retail distribution. The chemical was used in paint and paint strippers and had resulted in deaths.

I briefly used TENAX 7R in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. It was like a 3rd rate “MicroWeld” which was the best of the best plastic cements the 1970’s. Original MicroWeld was incredible like a perfect blend of MEK & methyl acetate etc.

Anyway, TENAX 7R wasn’t able to thin the typical modeling putty like Testor’s Liquid Cement etc.

Basically, TENAX 7R in my experience was inferior in every way to Tamiya Extra Thin or similar products.

Testor’s Liquid Cement was slower than TENAX 7R but that allowed best positioning of parts etc.

Use ethyl acetate, not banned, can be bought from various sources, major component in acetone free nail polish removers. This is a pure solvent, leaves nothing behind after evaporating.

DO NOT put solvent on surfaces before closing the joint. The solvent will soften the plastic slightly and evaporate before you put the brush down.

Join the parts, take your time to get them in the correct position. Hold in position with fingers, BEWARE of capillar action, don’t let fingerprints cross the joint boundary.
Use smmall brush to apply a small amount of solvent to the edge of the joint. The capillary action will draw the solvent into the joint and distribute it everywhere along the joint. Rubber bands, adhesive tape, fingerprints, clamps or whatever in close contact with the joint will draw the solvent, capillary action in action, and cause ugly marks.
If you want your fingerprint in 3D on styrene → press finger gently against a piece of styrene, apply a small amount of solvent to the edge, hold still for a minute and then remove finger.
Will lift almost all paint so be very careful when joining painted parts.

Edit: The best part is that any significant other who uses nail polish can’t really complain about the smell … :wink:

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Your clipping announcing the ban is dated NOV 2019. Obama left office JAN 2017.

The headline says that MeCl is banned as an ingredient in paint removers and strippers, not for other purposes like plastic cement. In fact you can still buy MeCl.

Tenax was discontinued bexause the company changed hands and the new owners did not keep the product line going.

But don’t let a few facts get in the way of a good story.



Oopsie …
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Facts: the Nemesis of many a good yarn …

@KurtLaughlin Kurt, appears you don’t bother with getting facts…

Obama did feel like it was hazardous- that’s a true statement. The EPA banned it…eventually also true. EPA proposed banning toward end of Obama’s administration.

Details Washington Post