Test for Tiger I redux

I am just familiarizing myself with the new forum and seeing how it works by uploading a pic of my Tiger I that I repainted.


Welcome aboard! I was just about to add a ‘t’ in the topic title and a second later you had done it.
First post, first edit, first image posted, way to go!

Interesting. The image shows the file name, resolution and size. I like it.

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Nice repaint … and welcome to the new modern world of Kitmaker !!

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fabulous paint job so far mate, I’m looking forward to seeing more progress soon.

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Great job David, I love the camo on it. Would this happen to be KC winner Will Feys mount?? Best regards…Dale

Thanks Dale. Same unit as Will Fey’s but not his tank. Fey’s was tiger 134. This tank was one of the last or perhaps the last Tiger from the unit that fought in Normandy. It made it to Cologne in the late fall of 1944 but was probably replaced when the unit converted KT’s.