Test of Beta Site-M1A2 SEP V2 photo

Hi all! This is a test to see if I could post on the Beta forum.


Works well, doesn’t it? :grin:


Love it! Love it more if we could get an easy way to transfer all of our old photos over, right?

All the best

Photos from the gallery or photos you have used in posts on the original forum?

I haven’t decided what to do about photos hosted on the gallery. But I can confirm that any photos you have used in blogs or posts in the forum (or any content posted on the old sites) will be saved in the site archives that we will have access to.

I will try to see if there is a way I can add a simple download feature to the gallery so people will get the chance to download and save their photos. No promises on that though as I am not sure how ‘simple’ it would be.


Thank you Jim. Appreciate all your good effort here! All is looking great so far.

Much success!

Nice pic, and I have managed to log on… Yay… Not sure how everything works compared to old site… So maybe a bit of learning curve… John

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Mario- Could you please send me a tip on adding my avatar? I can so far only see the picture by selecting the “A” that appears. Appreciate any pointers- Thank you - Stuart

Nice photo, I guess I should try uploading one also.

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Hi Stuart,
If you go up to the upper right click on your A icon then click the little head/shoulders guy and then select “Preferences”. You should see your icon there and a little pencil icon that will allow you to upload a new image.


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That’s a great job on that Kit! The weathering is perfect and the TC is exquisit for that scale. :smile:

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Thank you Greg. Still much for me to learn. The folks here on Armorama are inspirational!

My test for image posting, an Abrazms M1A2 SEP V2 in Germany