Testing Post

Just a test to see if this Luddite can make this new stuff work.
VR, Russ

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Test successful Russ, welcome to the future :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I guess I’m at least signed up!

Well, I have some questions now—

  1. How do you get here without going though the old system?
  2. Under the old system, you used to be able to see all the comments from all the Kitmaker sites simply by clicking on the “all sites” button. Can you do that here?
    I guess I found the old system just so easy to scroll down and see all the postings for all of Kitmaker— this seems really hard to do that.
    VR, Russ

Welcome Russ!
What were you trying to do? If you run into any trouble just Google “Discourse +” whatever you are trying to do and there are lots of pages giving info on how to do x.


There will still be some of that on here, but until we fully diverge from the old platform and are using this one it won’t be as simple, no. All the content will be on sites like this:

And the comments on that site will also reside (and be put in) here. Also all content posted on any of our content sites will also have topics here like the old sites so you should be able to see what’s new by simply haunting the forums.

As for how to get here the link to the “new” forum will be on the current/old sites from now until whenever they finally go to web sites heaven I guess. The easiest way to get here though is simply to create a new bookmark. :wink:

Hi Russ,
Straight and easy answer to both question is bookmark this address:


Longer answer, for nº 1 click the link on the main site black ribbon on top, “new forums”.
For nº2, once there, you have the very latest topics with new posts on the right, and and the end a button for “more”, which will show you all.

Click the ‘Scale Modeling Forums’ and you get this view:

The column on the right is the system informing me about new developments in threads i have show interest in. The left side shows what has happened in the various forums since I checked the last time.
Clicking Latest shows a list of latest posts, New is similar, Unread (number) shows me a list of the posts I haven’t read. In the New and Unread I can dismiss all or read some and then dismiss. Top sounds as if it shows the most active threads?
When you reply in a thread or read it for a longer time it gets marked as something you are interested in and it will show up in the right hand column. You can also tag threads as interesting to read later or actively follow/monitor. I would monitor a thread without replying if it seems to be turning ugly, the system will notify me about updates and I can step in and hand out warnings or lock the whole thread.
Moderators also have the option to Silence a user for a while. Lots of fun stuff for moderators in here :wink: