Testing the waters

Checking to test the usability.

Seems good so far, direct upload of image is great.

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Glad that you can post a picture.

I did a test post but have no idea where it is, and I couldn’t post a pic either direct link or from my PC.

Test pic.

Seems to work.
Andy :slight_smile:

Yep it sure does. But why are we getting notifications of posts from all the sites? I wonder if signing up for Armorama as Jim said we had is the reason why. If so, I’d prefer to not be on that site.

Hi Joel,
Well its still in Beta mode, so perhaps Jim can sort that out once he has worked out all the kinks. I wouldn’t worry to much about it atm as only staff are on here, so there wont be tons of posts to go through.
Only Armorama is live for the content side, dunno if that has anything to do with it.
Andy :slight_smile:

The system automatically adds the first 50 or so signups with the Daily Activity Summary on. You can switch it off under your preferences area here:

I think if you mute certain main categories you might still be able to get emails for specific categories with the Mailing List Mode option. Also if you hadn’t noted it yet there is a little bell in the upper right corner area of any category. You can set different notification options there as well but I think those only show up on your incoming activity area (top near your avatar).