Testors 1/48 Howard Ike

Just finished this little racing plane this morning. Had this kit on the shelf for approx 30 years. A very basic old Testors rebox of the old Hawk kit. I thought the challenge of doing an all white, glossy finish might be fun. It’s a very simple kit so assembly was pretty straight forward. I sanded all the goofy raised detail off the wings except for the ailerons. I did opt to add a cockpit since it was an open void. Cut out the main intake and simulated the front cylinder with a machine screw I ground down and a pice of styrene rod for the pushrod. Used scraps from Starfighter Decals resin cockpits to create a simple cockpit. I used Tamiya for the white and Mr Hobby 100 for the multiple gloss coats. Wonder Wire was used for all the wire bracing. Trying to get the allignment right on this kit is a challenge when adding the landing gear. Had to cheat one of the tires to sit (almost) correctly.


Beautiful work!

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Nice ! - I like the machine screw idea .
Looks like you may have lucked out on the 30 year old decals.


Thanks H.G.!
Thanks Richard!
If the decals would have been bad or discolored, this would likely have been a paint mule instead of a finished kit. LOL As it is, it took 4 coats of gloss to hide the edges even after several applications of Solvaset. Not overly thick decals but definitely not today’s standards.

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Yeah, I feel your pain. Been there so many times., even to the point of using extra thin glue with a coating MS liquid decal film. You sure pulled this one off.

Thanks, Just don’t look too close! :grinning:

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BTW the machine screw idea was not my original idea. I saw it somewhere in the past and made a note of it. I try to jot down items when I read about them in a little notebook I keep handy.

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