Do you know if there is an easy way to add textures to STL files?.. like plaster wall, terrain and similar things, I know there are textures to download but then how to apply them and above all with which program

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I know Blender can do it.
How to add a texture to an object in Blender - Artisticrender.com.

3D Builder and 3D Paint also have texture features but never tried it myself.


ZBrush is also great for texturing.

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Thanks…I have to take a look at both of them, I’m looking for something not too complicated, 3D Builder and Paint 3D have the texture option but it’s only visual, when I export the file to Lychee the effect disappears,too bad because it would be a super easy option to use…

…but maybe it’s me who’s wrong, as I always tell my kids “dad is always right except when he’s not which is the exception that confirms rule number 1”… :thinking:

I also found IdeaMaker by chance but it’s for filament printers and it only seems to work at the time of slicing,so it seems to not work for me.

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