Thanks Sprue Brothers - F4EJ Phantom II

This Arrived today


Very nice,I moved their Marines version up in the queue recently.

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It is a nice one ! I’ve built all the Zoki Phantoms . Working on my 2nd G . SB is where I buy all my modeling stuff , service is top shelf in my book !


This will be my First Phantom build in a Really long time. It’s probably not going to make it to the table until Summer since I have a few others in front of it. But I’m Very excited about it. Already opened the box and checked it out. :grin:

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I’ve seen that kit. Its pretty impressive

I have the F-4EJ KAI Limited edition, (haven’t even opened it yet) and the F-4S. Look forward to seeing your build.

Thanks. I will definitely keep everyone posted. It’s going to be my summer build.

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