That Old Mutant Tamiya JS3

There is a photograph of what looks to be the exact same tank type with Polish markings on the box. Is the kit supposed to represent one of the Stalin 3 tanks sent to Poland for trials? I notice that that tank has no stowage doors on the hull either.

@Long_tom I don’t see a photograph here at all mate.

I did say on the kit box.

ok, np.
it might help if you post a picture of the box in question, then people can see what you mean, rather than trying find images on the internet.

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I recall reading somewhere that Tamiya used one of the early Polish trial tanks for measuring for the kit which is why it is an odd one. I’m sorry I can’t remember where I read that. I built the kit about two years ago as one of the Berlin Victory Parade tanks by getting earlier tracks and taking of the track holding stuff on the front.

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