The 1137 to LA is running a little late, but the greyhound will make it

Not sure how I’d use one, but is coming to a hobby store near you…


I saw this one too. I’m not sur why it is 1:35 or what we would do with it. Maybe dropping off new recruits while a DI is yelling at them?

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They are also releasing a 1/35th Ford V8 Sedan.

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Saw that too. At least the Ford car can be used as US military staff car.

Yeah but the bus is REAL appealing for some reason isn’t it - the recruit bit is what I was thinking.

Yeah, a recruit theme is what come to mind; how many would the bus seat? That, or a family seeing off a son / husband (wife?) from leave?

Think of all that chrome.

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Great subject for BareMetal Foil .

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I know a disabled retired bus driver this is destined for.

“Go Greyhound, and leave the driving to us!”

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Remind me to buy some shares in BMF! :zipper_mouth_face: Gonna take tons of the stuff…

It’s a Roden kit. I’d buy shares of filler and sandpaper.

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Isn’t that one of the buses from “Heartbreak Ridge” ?

Invader. What he said. :joy:

I have a photo in a book of a Ford V8 in German service with full three colour camo…

Ford V8, Made in the US

Image borrowed from:

Ford V8 Made in Germany (Cologne)
Image borrowed from:

A restored German Ford V8

From: 1938 Ford V8 brochure

Nice German staff car though :wink:

Hi all,

There was a full page advert in Military Modelcraft which I think was the January edition.

It showed this, the Ford and the Packard but there seemed to be a gap of one in the numbers for these. What else is coming?

These are all must have.

Regards Jason

Close, that is a MCI MC-7 or so they say.