The Battle for Irpin BMD 4M by SJ Kim | Armorama™

This is another stunning diorama and poignant battle that has been playing out in Ukraine since February 2022 and a battle they won by retaking Irpin on the 31st of March, this work was by modelling friend SJ Kim

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I really like this piece- the sense of the BMD just being abandoned there is nicely captured jutting up against the bins. The open and ajar hatches alongside the various bits of kit strewn across the rear deck works well alongside the excellent looking puncture marks along the hull and turret. The spent shells and the abandoned kids toys leads the eye nicely to the bright colors of the bins and the bits of garbage and the tree adds a little height and proportion to the whole thing.

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I really like this as well.

I loved the build, and the weathering of the pieces. And I agree the scene with all the trike, teddy bear were all nice additions.

i just have one question. Where did you find a scale dumpster and recycle bin?

that looks fantastic, i love all the details including the industrial bins and rubbish lying around.

Beautiful job all around. Great finish on the BMD and the scene looks very natural and convincing.

You can get plastic 1/35 ones from Miniart.

I really like the contrasting colors—the mix of green, blue, red,gray, yellow, dull and bright colors. Awesome job and lots of eyecandy and small details to see.

No work !

Does anyone know who makes the tri-cycle ?

Not sure if it is the same one, but Royal Model has a set w/a tricycle and baby carriage (RM731).

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