The Battle of Monte Cassino | Armorama


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A great vignette. The figures are expertly painted.


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This is indeed extremely well painted but once again (ie in so many WW2 British models) the webbing - the personal equipment - is simply wrong; whether this is due to Dragon’s moulding or assembly I don’t know.

The small pack (the pack on the soldiers’ back) is secured at the front by a hook on the L straps (the straps attached to the pack) into a buckle at the top of the ammo pouches. This is both to secure the pack and to distribute the weight of the equipment.

The water bottle is merely buckled onto the protruding ends of the cross-straps; there is no separate buckle device to attach the Bottle (which appears to be the case as I view the pictures).

Sorry to carp on such an outstandingly well-painted vignette

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Masterbox produce some remarkably imaginative and well sculpted figures, I know there may well be some details that are not accurate, but with the limits imposed on the molding for the low cost of the kits they produce, I guess you have to make a decision, can I live with the slight inaccuracy, considering the excellent faces and some quite good poses, which in themselves, suggest ideas for dioramas, or do I pay out more from the budget and get some resin figures. Not sure we’d be able to get these type of action poses for anything near to the price of a Masterbox. Also, you have to ask, can I kitbash to get it to where I want it.

he’s shown what can be achieved with a reasonably inexpensive box of figures hasn’t he.

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Here, here! The painting of these figures is superb. It is a diorama done with work and skill that I can only dream about achieving. Well done.

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