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The Battleship Scharnhorst is a new title from Osprey Publishing LTD in the series Anatomy of the Ship.   Authored by author, researcher and 3D modeler Stefan Draminski, this remarkable hardcover book boasts 336 pages featuring over 600 scale drawings, more than 400 color 3D views, and dozens of photographs!   Curiously, while Osprey catalogued the series flagship title as ANT 1, this  book is simply listed in their General Military range with its Short code: GNM.  The book carries ISBN 9781472840233 . It is also available in eBook (PDF) and ePUB formats.

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Very nice! I like this series of books - already ordered a copy after seeing this post! Should be helpful for Gneisenau as well for many areas, and well, Scharnhorst is on my to do list as well anyway…