The Big 3 Universes - Star Wars-Star Trek - BSG

I’m glad you are starting this Stephen. You piqued my interest on it in the postman thread.

The red maybe a nod to Chinese culture. The ship name may have roots to the Chinese manned flight program ‘Shenzhou’ (it means ‘Divine Craft’ in Chinese) and red is a traditional colour for power, prosperity and warding off evil.

Discovery took a while for me to get into. It did grow on me, once I got over the differences to the mainstream series. I just thought of it as an ‘alternate Universe’ type story based in the Trek way, rather than a series in the standard Trek timeline.

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That’s possible. I do wonder if they would have gone with that now after events over the last couple of years. It’s certainly a different look to the usual. It’s a good looking ship, a lot of similarities with the NX-01. If I would change something, it would be the warp nacelles to the NX-01 style. They look a little too Post-TNG.

I did start it when Netflix first started showing it, but struggled. And then they lost it to Amazon and it’s now exclusively on Paramount. Neither of which I have. Paramount I would try out, but so far the service is not compatible with Xbox One. I have heard good things about Strange New Worlds. I do like the design of the Enterprise in that one. Looks so much better than the JJprise.

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So how do you feel about Discovery being cancelled?

I never watched more than an episode or two of the new series that have come out since the Abrams reboot. I actually am not a fan of the ‘New’ Trek although they have managed to come up with a couple of ship designs that aren’t stupid like the Shenzhou. I hate the warp nacelles on the 2009 Enterprise.

Too bad we likely would never see any of the FASA rpg ship designs. They had quite a few interesting Klingon ships.

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Like I do when other shows I like get cancelled… that’s showbiz… :grin:

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Very nice details added, Peter. Good inspiration for when I will build mine at some point.

Looking forward to see more :slightly_smiling_face:

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Picked up a bottle of Vallejo Natural Steel to test out for the hull colour of the Shenzhou. Looks a bit darker than the Modelair Steel.

Looks pretty good on test I did on the inside of the hull. Think this is the colour I’ll go with.

Also painted the inside of the impulse drive, bridge windows and deflector before I installed them in the hull before it goes together. Used a translucent orange for the engines, white for the windows and clear blue backed with white for the deflector. The box art shows this with a pale violet glow, but I couldn’t get any mix of the clears to look right. Mixing red and blue resulted in mixes either too blue or too red. Might not be screen accurate, but I know the blue works from previous projects.


Looking very nice … Good choice of colour :+1:


Thanks John. I think that shade of steel will work for the NX-01 too.


I would like to join in with this Bandai TIE Advanced kit.

Progress to commence shortly…


Welcome to the build Ernie. Looking forward to seeing the TIE get built up … Looks like a nice kit.


Thank you, it looks like it is going to be a fun build!