The Bottom Of The Humvee

Looking at various pictures of the Humvee, the upper part is one color, but the chassis is dark so I cannot tell if it is supposed to be black or green or what, Anyone with definite info?

Im pretty sure that all the HMMWVs I was under were usually black on the bottom. At least all of the chassis parts such as frame and suspension were black. It’s been awhile though…

Generally, the frame is black and the chassis is painted in NATO green.

CARC 383 Green is the factory color for them; then direct support paints them CARC 686 Tan, depending where they’re deployed overseas or stay stateside.



Newer build ones are CARC Tan from the factory as well, with the same black frame parts. Older HMMWVs that were CARC Green/NATO camo and repainted sand at unit/DS level will have sand overspray on the frame as well.

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