The Bridge is mine

Sorry for being away for so long.
I have developed a love affair with Churchills and recently finished this MK V , the base was just a spur of the moment thing.


Not a big fan of WWII Brit armor but this is nice. I especially like the way the bridge just kind of hangs in the air over the pathway below. :+1: :+1:

Thank you much my friend. I do have to agree on the British armor of the second war era.
There is something about these big girls wearing skirts though .
I have completed three of them recently and now working on a fourth.

Nice to see you back Chris, and a nice return with the Churchill… Looks very good and a lot of effort has gone into that bridge and the groundwork… Very nice work :+1:

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Thank you my friend to be back

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Like John said, glad your back and a nice return. :+1:

Thanks brother. Things have been crazy and i retreated to my bench.

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