The Caterpillar D7 crawler and bulldozer from World War 2 | Armorama™

This truly stunning diorama and build of the Caterpillar D 7 Crawler and bulldozer and how it helped during World War 2 helping the Allies change the outcome after D-Day by building new airfields, allowing the allied bombers and fighters attack the retreating German army repeating the same action of building new bases and airfields over and over again

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Here is my iteration of the Mirror CAT D7:

Additional real wall detail added to the radiator.

Added fuel injectors and the underfloor control linkages. (Yeah, I know they will never be seen on the finished model. (But I know they are there!)

Added some really nice Tamiya etched winch brake bands, picked up off some left over Dragon Wagon parts.

Here is what I was really shooting for based on the reference photos below:

(This tractor, trailer, bulldozer combo won “Best Armor” at the Louisville IPMS Regional. I kinda like winning Best Armor with Military, soft skinned, wheeled vehicles)

p.s. I could have gone for the armored dozer but all that armorplate just hides too much of all that very nice mechanical detail!


Beautiful job Michael - I know the Mirror D7 is lacking in some ways but you seem to have overcome…

Nice job. It looks great. I like it on the trailer too.

Addendum - another one would look good towing an Athey trailer - just sayin’ …

Oh, I agree.