The court of the Reich (1:35)

Thank you Chris_Bryan :slight_smile:


Lovely scenes! And great variety… from jungle to snow, all very realistic!!

You have a beautiful (Envious) style of painting/weathering.

Thank you :slight_smile:
I already have some ideas for new dioramas, but unfortunately children take too much time.


Hi, wow! A lot of fine works you done. Sometimes when I sit and build I feel loony in the diorama world. It’s really great to see your and others works, then I realize that there is a lot of other enthusiasts out there:) Thanks for cheering! /Erik

Thank you Erik.
Yes, dioramas are great :slight_smile: I like to build scenery the most. Vehicles and figures are an addition, but of course necessary.


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Very nice stuff Kuba :slight_smile: I can only second what was already said!

Looks great, That little red car, sunk down in the foreground is a very nice touch. Well done!

Thank you :slight_smile:

i love seeing these abandoned derelict looking builds they look absolutely amazing!

So much wonderful work, so many fine details & you have a special talent for unifying elements within the scene into a completely believable whole. I think I remember the most recent work of yours was the Stug in the snow on the old Armorama site last year? I hope you’ll show how you assemble your next masterpiece, I think we can all learn new things from you :tumbler_glass:

Thank you.
Dioramartin, yes, the diorama with Stug in the snow was mine :slight_smile:
If time permits, I will try to show how I work on a diorama.