The court of the Reich (1:35)

Hi :slight_smile:
After over a year of work, with long breaks and sitting at home with the children when the school was closed, I somehow managed to finish my second diorama with ruins. I can say that it will not be the last such diorama :slight_smile:

Walls, columns and rubble made of plaster. I bought bricks and small stones.



Nice one👍🏻 You have captured the somber colors of a battle torn landscape.


Very nice work, especially expanding beyond the subject.

Really well-done and detailed dio! But you should have used any other German tank! A dead Maus dio should look like this:
and this:
and some more pics here: anyone know the story behind this (destroyed Maus)? - Off-Topic - World of Tanks official forum
Some reports state that the Maus was self-destroyed by it’s crew after breaking down en rout to defending against the Russians while still at Kummerdorf. Maus didn’t get far, which just goes to show how well it would have done in combat…breaking down every couple of hundred meters!

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I really like this Kuba- @creading is spot on regarding the sombre colors- they compliment the scene well. Great work on the postal car too- it looks suitably battered and bullet scarred but the nice red paintwork shows through to grab the attention. The rockets on the makeshift launcher are a nice detail too. The ruined wall and columns are a great backdrop for the Maus which has a fantastically well sprayed camo job. Really good stuff :+1:!

Wonderful job in all aspects, model, accessories and figures.

Nice! A lot of work with the groundwork. If this was your second diorama, I surely looking forward to the third one:) /Erik

thank you for very nice comments :slight_smile:

Biggles50: I forgot to add that this is “what if …” diorama. I wanted to make a Maus since I was a child. I knew I had to make a proper diorama for this tank, not the Kummersdorf training ground.

DIOWORK: This is my second diorama with ruins :slight_smile: Before that, I did dioramas with old houses, Italy or the jungle, e.g.


That is a great collection of dio’s you got there!!!

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Thank you.
So, more pictures of my older dioramas :slight_smile:



Excellent work, the scene conveys the feelings of dejection, and utter loos. The brightly colored civilian car just adds to that.
Brilliant second diorama

Your previous works really grasp the idea of derelict and old armour.
Very good work

You have a real eye for tones Kuba- and it really shows in your work. The greenery and and muddy water in the jungle scenes are well observed and the lovely countryside scenes in the works with the thatch roof houses are super. The rustic yet realistic paintwork and natural staging of the plants and accessories just works so well together to bring the scenes to life.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Greetings from Wrocław, Poland :slight_smile:


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@Kuba’ I really like and admire your diorama work! I believe you have an excellent eye for color and contrast. Very nicely done A+

wow, man! amazing work!

Thank you, I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:


As to the Maus dio . That work is awe inspiring with the level of destruction on display. The colors show that natural tones can convey a bright and busy story