The Cult's Car In The Beatles Movie "Help!"

I remember the scene in the movie where the Beatles perform an outdoor scene with a Centurion tank guarding them, and the members of the cult who are after them try to fight them with some sort of antique car. Anyone know what kind it was?

This one? No idea but it looks a little like a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang type car. :smiley:

@Long_tom Thomas, it is a 1913 Sunbeam 12/16 hp
Includes the image shown in Jims post

I knew there were people who knew which cars were used in certain movies, but I didn’t know about the database itself. I even wondered how many old cars survived in Europe, what with scrap meatl being in such demand during wartime and all that.

Okay that is freaky. I screen capped that off the actual movie. And where that image does have a black bar on the right and mine is more on the left (I used Lightshot to create the image by dragging a box, etc), the FRAME at which we both screen captured that image is exactly the same.


A Sunbeam car? Perhaps the same company that would produce the Sunbeam Tiger used in the Get Smart TV series?

I do believe it’s the same Sunbeam company! Those were the days…

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Actually, not really.

The Sunbeam Motor Car Company went into receivership in 1934. The Sunbeam Tiger was actually built by Rootes Motors Ltd, as part of the Rootes Group of companies. The company bought the Sunbeam name and rights from the Receiver, but their vehicles were manufactured in completely different factories, etc. They did not use the Sunbeam name for 4 years after buying the company, but even then it was a merged brand Sunbeam-Talbot they used, until 1954 when the name Talbot was dropped.

The Sunbeam Alpine /Tiger was actually built on a ‘Hillman Husky’ Chassis, Hillman being another name acquired by the Roots Group.

Last bit of trivia, Carroll Shelby (of muscle car fame) designed the shoe-horning in of the V8 in the Alpine to create the Tiger.

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