The Elefant and the Rat | Armorama™

A fantastic build of the incredible German Elefant diorama from modelling friend Carlos Bravo's excellent groundwork

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Simple but effective little diorama. The tank and figures came excellent. Nice job on the ground work too. Very well done !

Fantastic stuff. Absolutely superb. That rat is HUGE.

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Great take on the camo BTW as well as the Diorama, Fine job indeed.

The Ferdinand/Elefant has always been a favorite of mine! She deserves far more credit than she gets. Indeed, with a kill ratio of close to 10 to 1 over Allied armor justifies (to me) her status as one of the best.


Wow didn’t know the kill ratio was that high. Always liked that tank and I think I still have the Dragon kit in my stash.

Great work. I always love dioramas that tell an interesting or fun story. The crewman standing at the front is perfect! Thanks

I was surprised as well. Remember, the Germans had only built just under 100 Elefants. That kill/loss ratio impresses me!

I’m not sure where that kill-ratio stat comes from but it probably isn’t far off. The German commanders at Kursk grossly misused them (Ferdinands) as forward break-through AFVs. The reason they weren’t given defensive machine guns (a common criticism) was because they were designed as stand-off mobile artillery – in which they excelled. Instead they were expected to somehow traverse minefields, Russian artillery killing zones & commando squads, so at least half were promptly lost within a few days.

I’m not so familiar with their performance in Italy as Elefants but they were most likely used to better effect, there just weren’t enough of them.

It feels good to know this.

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