“The Firing Position” diorama finished

Finally finished up with painting the base of my diorama. Used a master touch wood canvas as the base and built it up using step foam and plaster. The ground work is partial plaster with ammo Mig earth painted on and ammo Mig acrylic mud. It gave some great effects of what a fighting position would look like after being dug and rained on. The grass was made from natural paint brushes that i picked up at Walmart and soaked in a mixture of water and a few drops of pale green. I proceeded to ‘plant’ my grass by drilling holes into the plaster and using midge page to bond it. This was my first attempt this kind of grass and i think it came out quite well. The kit is Trumpeters 1/35 PLA type 89 anti tank gun, these phased out in 2015 after the PLA decided to move towards anti tank missiles to destroy near peer threats… aka American and western made armor. I may add some figures to this diorama one day but not in the near future, there are unfortunately slim pickings when it comes to PLA tank crew and soldiers.
Hope you all enjoy !


Beautiful to see it all finished up Greg, you have made a great job of this kit and put it in a very interesting and dynamic setting.

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@Karl187 thank you. I had set out to practice a few things and i liked how they turned out so far. Never thought I’d make it a diorama and get the results that i did with this build but i love it. Also the diorama came out better then i hoped. Will probably see some more variations in the coming year of my dios with taller grass.

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