The first time! Diorama capture of Aachen Germany

Couldn’t wait to open this on my big screen. Outstanding work! :beer:

Hi Gary, it was around 10 month work.
Regards Pete

Thanks Mike :+1:

Mike I put these pics on my 65" hdtv and it’s amazing !!

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I’m late to this party Pete, but this is a 5-star show-stopper, I spent 10 very enjoyable minutes walking around this street. You have an exceptional gift for understating some elements – for example given the general condition of the building, I think the debris is just right. And, of course, I looooove the trams! :tumbler_glass:

This one is a show stopper!! Great detail for such a small scale.
:beer: :beer:
Cheers, C.

Awesome, excellent detail!