The first time! Diorama capture of Aachen Germany

I have been a visitor to Armorama and Model Shipwrights for years but have never posted anything on these sites before. This new and simple platform is the reason to give it a try … :-). I prefer to build dioramas in smaller scales (less than 1:72) and especially with (armored) vehicles, tanks and submarines (U-boats). The reason I’m building in smaller scales is that you can show a lot more on a smaller space.
The following photos are from a 1:87 diorama I built a few years ago. You may have seen it before on the “Missing Lynx”website.
It is a capture of a German city (Aachen) by American troops. Most of the vehicles are from Artitec (a few were ready made but I gave them extra details and a crew), figures are Artitec and Preiser. I completely rebuilt the toy trams (I don’t remember the brand) to make them look much more realistic. The building is from Italeri and is the 1:72 “Berlin house” that I downsized to a 1:87 format. Lighting is built in. Even for this scale it is a big diorama, it is 110 centimeters long and 45 centimeters wide.
I hope you like it.
Greetings Pete


Pete, let me be the first to say welcome…closely followed by wow !!! That is fantastic; the intricate detailing you have achieved is outstanding. You have recreated a beautiful little Dio, and packed with believable details.
I think everyone will be very pleased to now see this thanks to the ease we can now post pics.
The figure painting looks amazing considering the size.
Was it hard to down scale the buildings to an even smaller scale ?
The added lighting gives it a whole new aspect, that’s a very clever addition.
Well done indeed !!

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Now that’s sooooooooo cool !!!

Hi Pieter,

Outstanding build, especially so given the small scale…why do they call it ‘braille’, :slightly_smiling_face:?.

As John says, an amazing work of art, you have managed to bring the best detail out in all the different elements.

I’ve been considering doing a 1/72nd scale build for some time, but think you’ve convinced me to give it a go, :slightly_smiling_face:.

Congratulations, and cheers, :beer:,


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I like the idea @G-man69 has now given me. Showing what you can do in 1/72, and the detail you can do with a few kits in a small area, I’m thinking of an A4 Dio based around a Bocage seen in a late Normandy time frame… inspiration indeed @Pete.

All I can say is “Wow!” which seems awfully inadequate given what you’ve accomplished in 1/87 scale… Don’t be a stranger, do more and share them with us!

Ziet er Top uit :+1:

Very very well done for such a small scale! You did not take any shortcuts as far as details go,that’s for sure. Great job !

Holy “movie on a base” Batman! Thousands of intricate details, excellently done. One could look at this diorama for an hour and not see everything. You have achieved a masterpiece. Don’t be afraid to show us others!

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Wow, that is incredible! Great attention to detail in such a small scale.

You can do it G! :+1:

I will, I have some more :smiley:

Thanks Johnny! It was not so difficult to downsize the building; adding stairs at the main entrances of the building was the main job (so the entrances look less high).The most work and tedious work on this building was making the more than 100 window frames :hot_face:

Thanks Cheyenne, there is more to come.

I will do! :smiley:

Dank je Maarten, ik zie je geregeld berichten plaatsen en je maakt mooie inspirerende dingen ! :+1: :smiley:

Thanks Jerry, your dioramas are also very inspiring! :smiley:

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I will SSG Toms, I have some more dioramas.

Thanks Colin :smiley:

simply as good as it gets! This dio would win awards everywhere it is shown.
How long did you work on this diorama; if I may ask Sir?