The FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor or C.E.T. | Armorama™

This stunning build from friend Sitthichok Suwannarat. The FV180 Combat Engineer Tractor or C.E.T. is an amphibious specialist armoured vehicle of the British Army. A tracked, lightly armoured vehicle, with amphibious capability, used by Royal Engineers in ground preparation for bridge construction and towing activities on the front line, such as digging vehicle-fighting pits, repairing roads, recovery of vehicles from water and other obstacles, preparing riverbanks for vehicle crossings.

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Very well done indeed, but if this is the Accurate Armour model, I do think reference should have been made to that very fact.

I recall a wooden mock up of this being placed under the trees at the edge of Ripon barracks square in Germany back in around 71/72; it was surrounded by barbed wire and an armed guard from the Mixed Service Organisation ensured that no one got too close. All painted in gloss bronze green.

He NEVER refers to the manufacturers in these posts! Nor scale, though sometimes that is more obvious. A HUGE shortcoming.

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I understand your frustration… I feel the same.

I tried, but it seems there’s no response to changing the way these features are posted and models described. A shame really, as most of these models really provide inspiration.


A very impressive Frog indeed👌

Beautiful job. Great finish and I like the light weathering