THE GREEN HEAVEN'S GATE by Pongsatorn Kanthaboon | Armorama™

A truly fantastic diorama mostly scratch-built by modelling friend Pongsatorn Kanthaboon and his The Green Heaven Gate Superb figure-sculpting Jungle Cowboy please take your time looking through the many pictures I played Adagio for strings (Theme to Platoon) which give it for me at least a poignant meaning

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Blue pants? Guess I’m missing something.

The Men With Blue Jeans - Navy SEALs in Vietnam Wore Levi’s (

Why Navy SEALs wore blue jeans in Vietnam - We Are The Mighty

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Interesting! Glad I didn’t say “that never happened”. In a year in RVN I never saw anyone wear Levi’s (in the bush), but I guess they did.

What a beautiful piece of work! The foliage is incredibly dense and lush, really gives a good idea of the thickness of the greenery in such terrain and the way the punji-stake pit is hidden down at the edge, with the rat in it and everything- just brilliant.

Gotta’ say though that the figure painting is world class- so crisp and finely detailed. The camo patterns are picked out with precision and the high-lighting and shade work really makes the equipment a joy to look at. It is all suitably weathered too to suggest lots of usage and the way the skin tones are over-layed with camo cream is fantastic.

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I can almost smell the jungle decay and sweat :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Outstanding modelling

The way the uniform’s camouflage colors match the jungle foliage is truly remarkable.

This vignette looks so realistic and natural that I just had to stare at it for a long time. It’s simple, yet complex, and really does work well. Thumbs way up!