The Irish soldier

While waiting for the primer on MERT replacement heads to dry I started playing around with some more ideas, currently blue tac-ed together.
Plan on a series to represent soldiers of the National Army of the 1920s to the defence forces of the 2020s.
My painting skills with figures are a bit hit n miss but can’t keep using that excuse not to start.

First up infantryman 2021:


Lovely idea Paul- great start too. What parts have you used for this?

nobody is a great painter without exercise and mistakes, just go for it and show your work.
And do ask how others are doing it, the most are not assuming to answer.

Paul, interesting idea; can I just ask where you got the Steyr AUG from? I had that as my personal weapon in the Omani Army in the mid 80s and I was toying with the idea of modelling me in 1:35 from that time, but of course, the weapon is crucial.

Thanks Karl, Gecko for the body, Red Zebra head and the Steyr is from Blackdog

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Thank you for the encouragement Jan.

Brian, this one is from the Blackdog F88 Austeyr set, though with hindsight they look a bit closer to the Lithgow updates (? F90), but they also do slightly different versions in their Modern Australian infantryman sets. Djiti also do the A1 with the inbuilt handle optic.

Karl, any guess on this one😉

Well I guess he’s supposed to be on something like a horse or motorcycle? Looks like kind of a Napoleonic or pre 20th Century torso though. Pretty stumped at this one I must say :thinking: :relaxed:!

It’s the starting point for one of these…

Lots of work to get it even remotely accurate - removal of about half of the tunic braid and also build g up the bottom of the same, Gotto at least try. :wink:

Wow that’s quite an ornate uniform braid to try and make. I’ve never seen an Irish uniform like that though- do you have more info about it?

The Mounted Escort, also known as the Blue Hussars due to the sapphire blue uniforms, existed from about 1932 until 1945ish. Drawn from the Corps of Large Guns and not Cav as you’d expect. Role taken by 2 Cav these days with their sapphire blue motorcycles.

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I’d never heard of the Blue Hussars before, that’s fascinating! Looking forward to seeing you bring the fig to life as one of these.