The Last Apprentice (75 mm) from Valkyrie

Valkyrie Hobby’s announced new figurine:
The Last Apprentice
Scale: 75 mm
Material: resin

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I am confused, I thought 75mm was bigger then a paint bottle? I don’t recall the character being short.

This is an Elf, they are quite tall, but still in 75 mm is roughly the size of the bottle :wink:
Female characters usually are shorter.
The height of the bottle is ~76mm.

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Thanks, my internal converter from metric to english units must be on the fritz. :shushing_face::joy:

I honestly love the figure, but shouldn’t this be in the Sci-fi section? I spent 15 min looking for this post over there…

I like it, it’s always great to see a character from Star Wars universe as a resin miniature.

As for the Sci-Fi section, I agree… but Historicus Forma is a place for figures, all sizes, all genres, all time periods. It wouldn’t hurt to post the figure on ModelGeek as well though.

Anyway, thanks Marcin for the news.