The last of us(Fedra)

I really love this game, thus a plan to build scenes was born. Lacking skill to color figures, I decide to start with minor characters——the fedra soldiers and their patrol humvee.

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Trumpeter US Marines and Xixili transport humvee prepared to modify. Actually I wish to build the other two in Umbrella and UN service.


Progress so far.


The boundary still needs to be repaired


It’s sad that the gun shield was hurt and became sloping


Nice rusting/weathering job on the car. Too bad you had to ruin the original finish! :scream:
:smiley: :canada:

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can’t acquire the infected figure, thus a scene including Fedra soldiers 20 years after the outbreak emerges in my mind. I searched stl files for Joe ,Ellie and the infected after this scene’s beginning. Probably do it in the future​:new:

Theres a ton of zombies and joe Elie figures out there my man ! I love your take on this so far

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What scale is that car ? Ive never seen them in that scale

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Thank you :clinking_glasses:. 1/35 .A small factory, probably located in a village. You may search through Google Pictures. I’m not sure if they are sold oversea.But that’s a way to find pre-made models when there’s no kits fit. An re-painting will tip its potential.

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Wow thats awesome ! I’ll look around

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