The M972F Truck

This is a heavy modification of the M915 kit from Trumpeter. As always I decided to spice things up a bit as usual. I wanted to do something different. So I kitbashed the trailer and tractor, that came along in this kit, to bring forth this combo unit. As far as I know this truck version does not exist. But it could have been plausible.

The name came about by using the first number of the M915 and the 2 last digits of the M872 trailer. Hence, M972, which is a combination of both. The ‘F’ stands, simply, for flatbed.

The Hitachi excavator is from Hasegawa which I built as a burnt out cab model, which I was inspired by seeing a similar photo of one on the net. Hope you all like it regardless


Nice What-if truck, Charles.

Reminds me of the Australian Army Mack :



Thanks Frenchy.

Cool looking truck :grin:

Thanks a lot.