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Modelers of the medieval period and English civil wars, announcing THE WARS OF THE ROSES by Graham Turner. This new study contains a detailed history of the wars alongside a unique and comprehensive collection of over 120 of his paintings and drawings, many created especially for this book.

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It looks to be a great deal of interest in medieval wars here at Armorama. The artwork looks great.

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Since first being inspired by a visit to Bosworth battlefield nearly 30 years ago,

30 years ago he would have been in the wrong place…
It could be argued this volume might be better suited to “Figures” or “Wargaming” but unless one wishes to redefine “Armour” to “Self-propelled vehicles with a military role”, but I’d say that most modellers have an enquiring disposition and are not averse to be exposed to tangential information about things of which they may have no great knowledge. Then there is the relevance of how the roles performed by “self-propelled vehicles” were developed and defined in earlier eras; I give you the Currus Drepanus, the Gulay (Gulyay) Gorod and the Hussite War Wagon, and in the period in question turning some English Longbowmen into mounted infantry.
The one thing I do wish is that illustrators would give consideration to is the extent to which helmets and simple plate armour was painted:



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Are you interested in the War of the Roses and that period? I just received the PDF to review the book. Do I recall correctly, that you have not or do not write a review? It looks like a really equal but if you would be interested in tackling it, I will send it your way. I dropped the ball on the news, as I had intended to put a blurb at the end that anybody interested in reviewing the product could contact me. I was surprised how many positive emoji clicks it has received, and it had almost 1,400 views as of last night.

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