The most accurate Javelin FGM-148 in 3D design for 1/35?

So I’ve acquired probably the most accurate depiction of a Javelin FGM-148 3D design and printed one out a few days ago. Needs a bit of clean-up but the details are impressive:

What the 3D design looks like:

Real thing:

What do you think?
This will be available for sale for the continental US buyers: $7 for the launcher only; $5 for the missile only; $11 for both. Shipping extra (probably like $6 due to the light weight). PM me if interested.


Beautiful CAD work. Looking forward to seeing a few built up.

Looks the business! Javelins are killers and this is an excellent representation.

Looks very good and the missile is an added bonus.

Who would have known that the most accurate 1/35 Javelin comes from a modeler with a 3-D printer? :grinning:

It looks good, but I don’t know if it is the most accurate or not. The Javelin in this new kit looks good. Comes w/US and British CLUs, a couple missile tubes, a couple transport containers, and a metal Javelin round.

Gino I do think that there is only one transport container, but I will see when I get my kit next week. Would be cool if they release the W sprue separatly. AFV Club can make some extra bucks, now that ATGM´s are in the center of attention.:wink:
Here is the real (training) missile used by 1/4 Inf.


Stupid question but what software did you use to make the model? The design is excellent and it’s even got the textures, the work of a truly skilled modeller!

You can buy those models, I’ve seen this design on several places :wink:

Let me PM you some info on CAD software and how you can get started designing your own files or modify existing OBJ or STLs.

Kind regards,

Thanks, Gino for bursting my bubble there. :smiley: It’s the most accurate depiction of the weapon in “3D design” [in my opinion] so there’s the important qualifier. :smiley:
At the same time, I am seeing some things on AFV Club’s kit that may be a bit off (at least on photo):
The shape seems off - could be the angle of the photo however:

I don’t know about this metal missile b/c it’s missing some contours:

Real thing:

In the 3D design:

However, extra missile tubes and a couple transport containers are a nice touch.
I’ll probably get the AFV Club kit to do some comparison and may design and improve some copies of those extras separately for sale. That’s after I can get enough funds by selling my existing resin prints. :smiley:

Same weapon - different war

My version was done in 2018 and is a 1/50 scale modified wargames vehicle from Spectre Miniatures (who also offered the Javelin as part of a separate weapons set).


2nd prints for a customer. Better than the sample from my view:


OK, change in opinion: this new offering from FC Model Trend appears to be the best/most accurate one I’ve seen in 1/35:

Could be better than my 3D prints.


I like this offering from Tori Factory, too. The tube shape looks a little bit off (and some minor detail inaccuracies) but has all these extra details (e.g. straps, handle, a few openings, separate lenses), which other models do not have. Plus, comes with 3 different sets. What a deal!


Someone is coming out with a T 72 with that cage on top of the turret. This missile would be great to mount about an inch above the cage on clear sprue. A micro second prior to detination. The “Oh sh_t” moment.


ToriFactory makes some excellent figure kits, and their resin quality if very good, if not excellent.

I Think the most accurate ones are those being used in the Ukraine right now? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


The 3D printed fins don’t look bad, I think all of them would benefit from the addition of a small PE fret for the fins. The printed fins aren’t going to tolerate any mishaps during cleanup.


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I highly agree with your comment to choose the most appropriate material for the application! Custom PE fret making is an entirely different skill and art, but the results here would really add to the end product. Perhaps a combined effort with a small market PE guy??
Reference VoyagerModel similar TOW missile offerings

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Good suggestions. Not quite doable as a combined effort between some 3D printing modeler at home and some PE maker in his/her basement, but it certainly gives big names some opportunity to make resin/PE combo set of Javelin replica.
I hope Legend Productions, Voyager, Eduard, DEF are watching this. At the same time, the market may be too crowded now for this subject used in Ukraine.

On a related topic, I have recently acquired STL file for this Ukrainian soldier by making a donation. The proceeds from STL file sales go to support a good cause. Any takers? I am planning to sell this 3D printed figure at 8 USD (S&H separate) each in 1/35.

How it appears on my CAD software:

The artist nicely put their arm patch on it:

"These figures were designed by Ukrainian sculptor Nikita Klimenko (find him here and here to raise funds for the defense of Ukraine.

All donations raised by this 3D print file will go directly to the National Bank of Ukraine’s special fundraising account for Ukraine’s armed forces (NBU Opens Special Account to Raise Funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces (updated))."

The following one, I have not donated yet but I do plan on making a donation and want to gauge Armoramans’ interest in purchasing 3D prints:

This one, I’ll sell a 3D print for 12 USD (S&H separate) each in 1/35 b/c it includes an NLAW.

For more info, go to Ukraine Fundraiser (if you have a 3D printer already, you can support them by buying an STL file).