The never ending story, scratch build and converting figures

My vision of building figures

probably some of the Frankenstein DNA is in my blood, first throw away the building plan put everything in a bag, mix it. search for a sharp scalpel some wire and glue. Create with the anatomic parts some new figures.

It’s for 95% of my figures applicable, even for my busts. There is always something I have to change.
my latest work, love my dog
found a photo “thinking can I build it”

Starting “search for part in the bit box”

fixing the pose with apoxie

Bring on details in steps

more details using everything wat is useful

Paint it

Coming up, preparing and converting to paint in the dark days


Building crewmembers for a Merkava IV
The loader:
Starting from a MiniArt US
Cut away the legs and webbing, create a new one
Do the same for the helmet, create some new parts with apxie

The commander
Search the bit box

Fitting in to the tank

Bring on apoxie but control the fitting in the hatch

Paint it


You sure make it seem very simple… but it is mainly the apoxy sculpting part that would make it really diffiult for me. I have altered figures, but by cutting legs or arms in half and repositioning them, not by recreating arms and legs like you do… Very impressive, loved to see your progress on all those figures in all those topics.

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Idea, Michailo-Dianow “Never give up” Can I build it :hugs:

Using parts from the MB box “danger close” , I think so

first steps, cutting and glue some parts in the position

For the fingers using Tamiya glue to get them soft than bend them in position,
for single fingers, it depends to the direction of you cut or saw them apart.
You can also use the glue to soften them for better cutting. Don’t overdo it with the glue.
The cup is just a sprue cutting to the right size and drill out


Very promising looking Jan.

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putting on some epoxie and wire, still a way to go


Jan, that already looks really good again!

sculpting today a little bit more, just have to wait until its dry for continuing


Still working in small steps


I have applied the first coats of paint, still a few things I want to improve on the painting work. But I like it so far from sculpting and converting.

scratch build 1/35 scale figure, painted in acrylics


My god… you actually paint nails on your figures…

Superb looking Jan- I think you’ve got the color tones from the photo captured nicely in the painting.