The "Newest" M48A2 From Revell

I saw the old review and wondered if anyone has to comment on how good it is.

Their new ones (below) ae very good. On par or better than the newer Dragon M48 series. Way better than the Tamiya M48A3 and the old Monogram/Revell M48A2. They also offer different versions that the others do not.


I agree with Gino. I build the M48 A2 G A2 version a while ago and was highly satisfied.

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Rubber tracks, love them or hate them …
Here is one look-in-the-box:

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Thanks for the info!
The M48A2GA2 is a personal Cold War favorite.

Decent kits for their money, build nice OOB but one can also get some aftermarket goodies and turn them into great models.

The kit tracks are rubber but usable, the texture is a bit on the rough/heavy side and the most demanding aspect of the assembly is the three piece lower hull that leaves some seams for filling sanding.

I used the A2 kit as a base for a Magach 2 during the Six day War.

This is the A2GA2 OOB with the exception of a resin barrel:

and this is the A2 kit OOB:


Hi - was the “old review” this one (Armorama :: Revell of Germany 1:35 M48A2/A2C Review) that I did, by any chance? As the several variants Revell offers are all based on the same sprues, it should cover the basics. Bottom line is the Revell kits are OK-ish but are very much 1980s tech, while the Dragon M48A2s (as offered in Magach 1&2) are much better.

Better than the ancient 1957 Monogram version (still offered by Revell in the US). Wheels have the mud inserts (a stepped, donut-shaped ring around the hub bolts). This was common on the early M47, but rarely, if ever, seen on the M48A2. AFV Club’s M60A2 kits include two sets of wheels, including the hollow steel wheels needed for the M48A2. Alternatively, DEF offers a resin set. Or you could swap wheels with Takom’s M47, as it has the later, hollow type.
The cast texture is not only heavy, it’s present on many components that should be smooth, like the center doors on the engine deck, which is a major pain to sand out without destroying other detail. The handles on the tool boxes are molded as solid blobs, very common on Patton and M60 kits, unfortunately. There are resin or printed alternatives. No clear parts for the optics or headlights. Given the amount of work involved in fixing it. I gave up on mine.