The nightwatch

a journey between light and shadow.
Started in 2021, somewhere thinking on creating something special.
For me a challenge trying to upgrade some skills, probably at the end some frustration richer.

Young miniatures 1/10 scale

started with the face

Dry fit al components

Painting the clothing

Going out of my comfort box, starting the light and shadows between the moonlight and the lamp


Wow the lighting painting effect is working

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That is a real challenge you have set yourself there Jan- but you are surely mastering it by the look of the progress you have made.

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This reminds me of something I saw on a Dutch forum site, someone painted a figure with lighteffects, if you want, I can send you the link.

Yes, always looking forward to see other painters there work.

Light effect done entirely with paint…


Great work, something small turning out a beautiful peace with a great atmosphere.

Wow, what a great paint job. Young Miniatures are some of the best around, but you sure bring out the best detail with your painting.

I always imagined this guy to be a Paul Revere, or similar! :thinking:
:grinning: :canada:

Thanks, still working on it


Will second what everyone else has said, the paintwork is amazing!
Really does look like that lamp is glowing.