The only sensible use - BRDM Diorama

a idea, a BRDM from the scratch box, some old an new figures.

Just creating something, a left BRDM using as a platform for fishing.
Still a way to go, trying out new techniques and at the end gonna try to created water :hugs:


Great idea ! Looks very good so far,

Love it!

You’ve really done a fine job of capturing the appearance of an abandoned hulk, I like your idea for the theme. I’m finding I enjoy replicating rusted steel. :smile:

Cajun :crocodile:

did some work on the child and base today


That is a really clever idea… The work, colouring, base all look superb … Definitely watching this one :+1::+1:

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Nice story.

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good operation…
probably I would remove tools…but it 's my problem!

Don’t know how I missed this but I like everything about it Jan. :+1::+1: