The Panzer IV :: My Picks

I started a BuildLog at the Old Armorama with my Panzer IV’s… last year I restarted at another Forum, here’s what I got to work on …

Ausf. A from Dragon

Ausf. A mit Zusatzpanzer from Dragon

Ausf. B from HobbyBoss / Tristar

Ausf. C from Tristar

Ausf. C from Dragon

Ausf. D with 7.5 Kwk L/43 from Dragon

Ausf. F1 From BorderModels

Ausf. F1 / F2 from Italeri

Ausf. F2(G) from Dragon

Ausf. G from Dragon

Ausf. H from Tamyia

Ausf. H with Zimmmerit from Dragon

Ausf. J from Tamyia

Ausf. J Mid.Prod. from Miniart

Ausf. J Late from RFM

Ausf. J Bef. with Zimmerit from Dragon

I would like to get a Bulgarian and a Syrian one too later on but so far I have a lot to work on so…

Back at the Old BuildLog, I managed to finish one Ausf.D from Tamyia and one Ausf.E from Dragon :

So now I’m currently working on the Two Ausf.A from Dragon:


I’ll post them as soon as they are done !


Awesome build theme doing the Pz IV from ausf A to ausf J! Really looking forward to following and you next update.

I’m slowly working on the same with D, F1, H & J models completed.

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Awesome line up, Nito!

When the time comes, drop me a line- I think can support your Bulgarian Pz.IV build with some info and pictures,



Thanks Angel !

I was aiming at Miniart’s kit.
I hope it depicts decently one of the Bulgarian’s Panzer IV.

I will let you know when the time comes ! Thank you so much !

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Today’s work, some more chipping and painted the exhaust ( still needs a few coats of light rust ) , painting the tools and weather the tracks is next on my list.

The Dragon’s Panzer IV Ausf.A mit Zusatzpanzer is almost done !!!

Next ones, Ausf.A from Dragon too and Ausf.B from HobbyBoss/Tristar.


Finished painting the exhaust, tools, more chipping, pin wash, this one is done.

Panzer IV Ausf. A mit Zusatzpanzer from Dragon is finished.

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Some work today, working on the top hull of Dragon Panzer IV Ausf.A


Update ::

HobbyBoss Panzer IV Ausf.B


Dragon Panzer IV Ausf.A

As you can see I still have a lot of work on these. Slowly getting there.

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I worked a little on the Ausf.B , tires and turret


Panzer IV Ausf.B :: Painting rubber tires.

Panzer IV Ausf.A :: Weathering on the turret, chipping and some dust. The AK Panzer Grey paint is darker than Tamyia’s paint, the chipping is hardly visible.