The "pay what you want" started kit sale.....part two!

This worked out well when I did this last fall so I figured I’d do a little spring cleaning.

I’m only asking that you cover the shipping costs from Orange County NY and a small ($5-$10, or more) “donation” to my hobby fund for each project you’re interested in–whatever you think is fair–a couple of these have a ton of aftermarket.

—SOLD—M557 with Eduard PE (needs tracks)

—-SOLD—-Tamiya M1A1 with Plow, Trumpeter Indi tracks, metal barrel.

—-SOLD—-AFV Club M35 with Real Model Engine

—-PENDING—-Bronco M114 155mm howitzer with metal barrel (missing ammo and powder canister)

—-SOLD—-Diopark UB-32 rocket launcher parts

—-PENDING—-AFV Club M38A1 with Accurate Armour resin and PE IDF recon conversion (missing stretcher)

—-SOLD—-Bronco M1114

—SOLD—Real Model M54 wheels for Italeri (missing one of the hubs)

Italeri M110 with resin tracks and Verlinden, comes with M107 (additional parts not shown, including tracks) and Verlinden barrels and extras.

—-PENDING—-AFV Club M41 with Panzer Art Sandbag turret and hull

—-PENDING—-Skybox M41 metal barrel and rubber mantlet cover done in ARVN markings (take it along with the AFV Club one)

—-PENDING—-THIS IS A GOOD ONE–I’m going to regret selling it!
Hobby Boss M706, with MMK interior and hatches extra parts to scratch an engine.

—-SOLD—-M151 lot, 3 Academy kits, AFV Club Recoilless rifle, CMK gun truck conversion, Legend wheels, sandbags and spares.

—-PENDING—-German Figure Lot including Dragon Kubelwagen repair shop parts, complete Dragon Florian Geyer 6046, ICM and Tamiya Figs.

Three Tamiya M48s with Legend Stowage (no tracks) Just cover the shipping on these.

—SOLD—-M548 Lot. Two AFV Club kits. One build to carry the quad .50 and one as an XM45 zippo refueler with Pro Art fuel tank and pump. No tracks for either.—Pro Art PUMP IS PENDING—M548/XM45 are still available.

—-M24 and M88 PENDING—-For spare parts–just pay shipping:
AFV Club LVTP5, M24 Indochina Chaffee, M88 (no tracks)
AMT/Ertl IDF Blazer with some AFV Club parts

Everything should be there to complete the above kits with the exception of those that are missing tracks. Decals, figures, and unused parts from the kit may not be included.

Kinetic M109 Rochev/Doher
AK interactive FJ43 IDF
AFV Club M107
AFV Club #35189 Bofors ammo & containers (partial okay)
AFV Club #35184 105 mm crates and containers (partial okay–mainly want the wood crates, metal tubes)
AFV Club #35299 Propellant containers for M109
Hobby Fan #761 M101 Howitzer Crew Vietnam
Hobby Fan #765 IDF M113 crew 1973
Hobby Fan #755 ARVN M113 Crew w/flak vest
Meng Israeli armor and accessories.

Thank for looking.


PM sent.

Dang, looks a bit like my stash! It’s no wonder for me to se Gino is interested! Do you have any idea how much the shipping to Poland would cost? If you are willing to ship, that is.
Thanks in advance for the info and have a nice day!

Sending you a PM.

PM sent on the m88, m24, m548(s) and the M35

PM sent.

Hi Eben,
Will send a PM as well. I can take whatever is left but mainly, I’m interested in:

The German figure lot
M151 lot
M706 lot
M41 lot
M88, and M1A1

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Thanks to everyone who has replied/PM’d to this post and/or made a purchase.

I believe everyone has been replied to at this point. The list has been updated as well.


Was the M48 lot on there before? I must have totally missed them. Those would be perfect for a Cambodia Incursion diorama Inwant to build.

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