The RED BARON A photographic album of The first world war’s Greatest Ace Manfred Von Richthofen | AeroScale

Adie Roberts takes a look at a new book from publishers Pen & Sword to see if the famous World War 1 German fighter Ace was really as good as his reputation was, during a time of new ways to fight battles with aircraft.

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…the image page 33 - which you even show here - depicting Richthofen on a ‘Harley Davidson’ is an obvious fake. " Richthofen, an early Hells angel " !!! The author and publisher - not to mention reviewer - should hang their heads in shame!

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I was surprised as well to see this . I have to believe that the author included it with a tongue in cheek attitude. No one could possibly believe that was a
WWI era bike .
I find no fault in the reviewer including it - in fact he may have done a service for potential buyers .
If it’s inclusion is the sort of thing that troubles you
( and it should ) - you may not want to purchase it.