The Red Baron

Some pics of Eduard’s Fokker D1, 1/48. It’s been many years (maybe 20?) since I’ve built an aircraft, but I’ve got some in my stash and I have to build them sometime.

Built OOB with some mild weathering and chipping. Open to suggestions for improvement.


His aircraft probably was kept in pretty good shape being who he was.
As an aside I was walking through a cemetery in Wiesbaden and discovered he and his brothers grave.

Yours is a beautiful build of Richthofen’s Fokker. I didn’t realize the undersides weren’t red - interesting. (Moritz seems to think so too!)

Thanks. I didn’t realize the undersides may have been red! That’s what happens when you “Ass - u - me”, or do insufficient research! :disappointed: I’ve seen too many examples (models or artwork) with incorrect style crosses; white rudders; bare metal cowlings; red (or not) undersides; etc.

Considering that the engine was the rotary Oberursel Ur.II rotary which was, like all the other rotary engines of the day, a total oil loss design, the bottom of the DR1 was no doubt a nasty, oily, drippy mess. Basically, the majority of the castor oil injected into the air-fuel mix was simply exhausted directly into the air stream after each cylinder fired.

I think you would be hard pressed to over-weather the bottom of the fuselage.

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Thanks for that info. When I get a round tuit ( :sweat_smile:) I have to repaint the A/C bottom red, and grunge up the lower front fuselage. Do you know where I can order round tuits? (Not the square ones!).

I would add some mud under the wings where it was flung/ splashed by the tires if landing on a wet field. However splashed on is different than a tank wallowing in the mud.

I’ve been out of round tuits for years. Can’t find any any where! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: